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Class work - Contemporary Dance 

Some clips from the contemporary dance class with Laura, Kerry, Claire, Nisha and Emma.  We always have some fun as well as work on our technique and performance skills in combinations.  We also work towards creative projects which usually involve film work.  

Class begins with a spinal warmup,  next   plies and small foot work then into working the legs and whole body through Cunningham/Limon techniques.  Travelling and combinations conclude the class.  

Expect a warm and friendly atmosphere with laughter too!.  

Beautiful Life - 2023 

This is a work in progress... I was  struck of the beauty of natural light and how that evokes emotion so we are working on a combination  that correlates with this ... 

another day, different light

Carolean Dreams - 2022 

Carolean Dreams came from a phrase I imagined  whilst laid up with torn ligaments from an accident I had.   Whilst I  started slowly to mend and created a phrase which encapsulated the feelings of powerlessness and isolation.  I wanted to show something imagined rather than real - a dream state - the dancers flitting in and out of the frame.  This was choreographed at the beginning of the Carolean Age; I wanted to show with this new era there are new possibilities.  


Everything was filmed in the local village hall - it was a long day for the dancers who I am always grateful for - Kerry, Laura, Emma, Vicky and Nisha.   


Together and Apart - 2020

During the summer of 2020  it was   lockdown so we weren't able to get together for our dance class.  There were many sunny days and when I got the chance I  rode my bike along the river side in Bedford.   Although I had walked along the river many times, that particular summer the beauty of nature was more apparent; everything had flourished.  There was so much less pollution which allowed the natural world to blossom.    I   loved  the way the architectural aspects met with nature - this was the inspiration for the film project - Together and Apart - to celebrate our stunning embankment and river and also to pay homage to the grace and energy of the dancers - Laura, Kerry, Mitan, Nisha and Emma. 


Into the White ...


 for Cambridge University Cambridge Dancers.  Performed at Cambridge Arts Theatre.  

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